The Real Deal Has Come! (2023)

The Real Deal Has Come! (2023)

Other name: 진짜가 나타났다! 진짜가 나타났다 Jinjjaga Natanassda! Jinjjaga Natanassda The Real Thing Appears


The family drama centers around an unmarried pregnant woman, Yeon Doo, and an umarried man, Tae Kyung, who enter into a false contract which leads to them to romance, pregnancy, childbirth, and childrearing. The "Real Deal" (Jin-jja) in "The Real Deal Has Come!" refers to the unborn child around which a family forms.

Original Network: KBS2;

Director: Han Joon Seo [한준서]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Family; Romance;

Airs: Apr 30, 2023

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